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Is there a prerequisite for Basic Mountaineering?
There are no prerequisites for basic classes but some of the basic classes are prerequisites for follow-on classes. You must also obtain your C Hiker classification before you do the Couloir Climb and High Peak Climb.

What do I need to do to get a C Hiker Classification?
To get the C you need to complete either Backpacking School or Wilderness Trekking School or you need to get a waiver from Wilderness Trekking School. And you need to complete 2 C Hikes, one of which must be a Difficult C. For more information see the Trip Classifications page and follow related links.

Can I get a waiver for Wilderness Trekking School?
You can get a waiver but we strongly urge you to take WTS. Some of the topics might be repetitive for an experienced outdoor person but there may be some gaps and we do not teach the basics of outdoor travel. We also find that repetition is not a bad thing in this sport. For more information on the waiver take a close look at the Wilderness Trekking School page (scroll down).

Is Basic Mountaineering a prerequisite for other schools?
Basic Mountaineering is a prerequisite for the High Altitude Mountaineering School. Rescue Level One is also a prerequisite for HAMS.

What if I miss a lecture or field day?
If there is space in another session you can make up the misssed day in that session. Since we began the modular system, we have not had any spaces available for maekup. If you miss a lecture or field day, you will not be able to continue until you make up that day. If no makeup is available, your participation in Basic Mountaineering is over until you make up the missed day. That usually means the following year.

What gear do I need to buy for Basic Mountaineering?
We provide all technical gear. But you will need mountaineering boots. And you will need winter clothing and 10 essentials. And you will need overnight camping gear. For more information see the page on Boots.