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Basic Mountaineering consists of six classes:

plus a Couloir Climb after Technical Snow and a High Peak Climb after the completion of all six classes.

There is no prerequisite for Basic Climbing. Basic Climbing is a prerequisite for Intermediate Rock and for Technical Snow.

There is no prerequisite for Navigation Level One. Navigation Level One is a prerequisite for Navigation Level Two.

There is no prerequisite for Basic Snow. Basic Snow is a prerequisite for Technical Snow (and so is Basic Climbing).

Other than following the prerequisites listed above, you can take the Modular classes in any order you choose. If there is a gap of more than three years between a prerequisite class and its follow-on class, you will be required to repeat the prerequisite.

The classes can be taken following either a Traditional or Modular path. The content is the same irrespective of which path you choose.

The Traditional path is called traditional because this is way we used to teach it and it was the only way available. With the Traditional path, you must commit to fixed dates in the calendar. There are no variations. Traditional Basic Mountaineering can be found on the CMC Calendar in March. We usually have two sessions of Traditional, each with a different set of dates. If you cannot commit to all the dates in a session, you must either wait until your calendar opens up or take the Modular path. You cannot shift a lecture or field day to another session of Traditional or to a Moudular session. You must also keep your calendar flexible for the needs of the group. The lecture and field dates are fixed but the dates of the Couloiur Climb and High Peak Climb are not fixed. You will fix those dates with your group. If you are not flexible, if the rest of the group can fix a date but you cannot, you won't make the climb and might have to wait until the following year. So keep your caledar open. Couloir Climbs usually happen in May/June and High Peak climbs usually happen in June/July.

The advantages of the Traditional path are that you work with the same classmates throughout the entire course. You also get a small discount.

The disadvantages of the Traditional path are that you are locked into a calendar. And you must pay the entire fee up front.

We added the Modular path so that folks who were not able to fit Traditional into their calendar could now take Basic Mountaineering. We offer several dates for the Couloir Climb and High Peak Climb and group you when the date works for you.

The advantages of the Modular path are that you can spread the classes and tuition out to better fit your calendar and finances. Other than the prerequisites listed above, you can take the classes any time they are offered. Classes are generally offered January through October, although Snow classes are only offered in the Spring. I also find that being able to spread out classes allows students to 'breathe' a little better and I see a few more Modular students taking more of our classes outside of the Basic Mountaineering six-pack.

The disadvantages of the Modular path are that you don't work with the same classmates, although you are quite likely to see some of your classmates again. And you don't get the discount that Traditional offers.