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About Basic Mountaineering

You might see a reference to Basic Mountaineering School (BMS). This is what we used to call it before we expanded our class offerings. And we still do informally call it BMS.

But we now offer 19 total classes and refer to our collection of classes as the Technical Climbing School. Within the Technical Climbing School you can take 6 of our 19 classes to earn a certificate in Basic Mountaineering. Sort of like Basic Mountaineering is an academic/vocational degree within the Technical Climbing School.

See the other pages within this site for more information on Basic Mountaineering and see the separate sites for each class for more information on each of those classes.

About Intermediate Mountaineering
The Basic Mountaineering of today is not quite the same as the Basic Mountaineering of a few years ago. We actually now spend a good deal more time on the core subjects of Navigation, Rock, and Snow. That is, the training is more in depth. And we split out a couple of skills that we used to teach in BMS and put them in another class. Specifically, Escaping the Belay, Ascending the Rope, and Rappelling Past an Obstruction are now in Rescue Level One.

If you want to extend your mountaineering skills beyond Basic, one of your options is to earn an Intermediate Mountaineering certificate by taking the following classes:

Other Technical Classes
As you might have calculated, completing Basic and Intermediate Mountaineering still leaves you with 9 classes that you have not taken. One of the most popular classes after Basic Mountainering is our Anchors class. For more information on the other classes see the CMC Schools main site.