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Basic Mountaineering School (BMS) provides you with the skills needed to participate safely on non-glaciated CMC mountaineering climbs within Colorado in all weather conditions. These skills include navigation and route finding, planning and organizing climbs, rock climbing skills for following on fourth and fifth class routes, and snow climbing skills up to and including roped climbing with crampons.

The goal of the school is to graduate only members who can safely and competently participate in club mountaineering activities. As a result, BMS is a physically and psychologically demanding school for CMC members who are interested in high peak climbing or rock climbing. It teaches the knowledge and skills they need to pursue these sports safely and sensibly and it gives them an appreciation of their strengths and limitations with an understanding and respect for the mountain environment. These objectives are achieved through a time-intensive schedule of lectures and field trips. Significant personal effort (reading, trip planning, knot practice etc.) outside of class is also required.

Successful completion of Denver BMS (or its equivalent) is a requirement for a Denver Group D hiking classification and is a requirement for Trad Lead Climb School (TLCS) and the High Altitude Mountaineering School (HAMS).


The Anchors Seminar

Graduates of BMS have first shot at a limited number of openings in the annual Acnhors Seminar, in which sutdents are given advanced instruction on the fundamentals of top-rope anchor construction. More details on the Anchors Seminar page